Akumal’s Hekab Be Library Welcomes a New Director!

This year, Hekab Be Biblioteca welcomes a new Director, Anne Gabbert. Anne, originally from Chicago, holds a degree in Early Childhood Education from Butler University in Indianapolis. She has been working with children and families for more than thirty years. She has lived in Quintana Roo for four years and most recently spent two years working as an English teacher at the Montessori preschool in the pueblo of Akumal. Her professional background includes experiences in teaching, educational administration, advocacy, advising/mentoring, research, and fundraising.

Anne Gabbert

Astonishingly, the Hekab Be Library in Akumal will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2014. Much more than just a library, Hekab Be is the center of the community and provides programs and educational opportunities for children and adults alike. Incorporated as a 501c3 in the United States in 2009, Hekab Be is a genuine not-for-profit with a modest budget but big dreams for the future.

Today, Anne came to speak before the Playa del Carmen “Seaside” Rotary Club to explain the short and long term goals of the library, their needs and how Rotary members may be able to get involved. Affiliation with a local Rotary Chapter as well as a sponsoring Rotary Chapter in the United States will open the door for Hekab Be to receive much needed grant money from the Rotary International Foundation, money that will go a long way to help a lot of children and families.

Anne Gabbert

Anne has a lot of big plans for the future of the library, notably the implementation of “Career Days”. Anne and the library staff will be reaching out to local business owners and professionals to come and speak a bit about what they do for a living, how they chose their career path, how they got where they are now and expose the children to a world of possibility! If you would be willing to come and share an hour of your time one afternoon, please contact Anne for more info.

At the moment, the call is out for volunteers. There are just three full-time staff members at the library and so many people to help. Currently, there are several programs in place for the children after school, but one thing  lacking is some sort of structured physical education or gym class. They are hoping to find someone who can work with the children coaching soccer (futbol), basketball, gymnastics, etc.  If you or anyone you know is willing and able to volunteer one hour each week, anytime between the hours of 2:00-5:00 pm Monday through Friday, please contact Anne to let her know and get more detailed information. Her email address is directorakumallibrary@gmail.com. You can also follow along with the library’s plans and projects on their Facebook page.