Hekab Be Library 20th Annual Summer Program


The Hekab Be Library has reason to celebrate, 20 years of providing education and fun for the local children in summertime in Akumal! This year the program will focus on health; physical, social, psychological and spiritual, teaching the youngsters the necessary skills to grow and thrive, nurturing their whole selves. Through art, yoga, sport and play, the children of Akumal will enjoy learning and growing with open hearts and minds and a healthy body.


The program is for children 3-13 years old and is provided free of charge to local families by Hekab Be Library. In order to do this, the library depends on generous donors such as YOU to continue this program for the people of Akumal. The goal for the summer program is to raise $7000 USD to bring joy and education to as many children as possible and to continue to fund the projects of this wonderful organization dedicated to enriching the lives of the people of Akumal. Please click here to donate and know that you are contributing to a very worthwhile cause!



The Hekab Be Library, started in 1995, acquaints young children with books, provides learning resources for school children and offers literacy and writing classes for adults. In addition, the library offers after-school activities and tutoring, reading and math programs, arts & crafts workshops and yoga classes for children. Adults can participate in classes in English, Spanish and Maya. The library also presents parenting and health seminars and hosts local AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings and secondhand clothing bazaars.