How to Highlight Your Caribbean Sea View

When your new Akumal vacation home has such stunning ocean views, the best design technique is to focus on the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Let the turquoise and blue tones of the water be the star of your beach home, whether you’re buying a vacation condo or a stunning beachfront villa. At BuyPlaya Akumal Real Estate, we have many Akumal beach homes for sale that use simple but effective design to bring out their ocean view!

1. Big Windows and Light Curtains

You won’t want a single thing blocking your Caribbean Sea view when you move into your Riviera Maya vacation home. Almost any Akumal beach house already has large windows to capitalize on that view, but make sure to stay away from dark and heavy curtains. Something white and breezy will provide the privacy you need without taking away from what you really want to be looking at. If you have a condo on a higher floor or a villa on a secluded beach, you might even get away with no curtains at all!

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2. Wood Details

The natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea calls for beautiful natural materials! Wood is the most high-impact choice, and dark woods especially create a lovely contrast with the bright blue of the water. The Yucatan Peninsula region has plenty of stunning local woods you can use, perfect for a balcony railing, ceiling beams and many other design elements.

Mexico beachfront villaRiviera Maya ocean view houseWood balcony beach houseAkumal balcony

3. Tiles

Colorful tiles have been a popular design element throughout Mexico for several hundred years, and today you can easily find traditional prints as well as more modern options in the Riviera Maya. More subdued tiles can add Mexican-inspired elegance to an indoor or outdoor space, and brightly-colored tiles can really bring out the stunning Caribbean tones of the water. One of our favorite techniques is to create a fun tile design in your vacation home pool!

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4. Hammocks and Outdoor Seating

Almost every oceanfront home in Akumal has its own terrace, balcony or maybe even a beach where you can relax and enjoy the view. Take full advantage of your outdoor space with the outdoor seating of your choice – whether you prefer elegant wood furnishings, casual patio furniture, or best of all a Yucatan-style hammock! Lounging outdoors is, of course, the best and most relaxing way to fully enjoy your very own ocean view in Akumal.

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If you still haven’t purchased your own Akumal vacation home, BuyPlaya Akumal Real Estate offers a variety of ocean view condos and villas to fit a wide variety of budgets. Sound tempting? Visit us at to see all of our beautiful Riviera Maya vacation properties.