The New Akumal Ambulance Is Saving Lives!

Thanks to the incredible people of the Riviera Maya community, in late 2014 the Akumal area was finally able to get its very own Red Cross ambulance. After amazing fundraisers like the dinner at Lol-Ha, our little beach town no longer has to share an ambulance service with Tulum, meaning that we now have faster and more efficient emergency service.

Akumal Ambulance

Marieke Brown of Akumal Direct Reservations has sent us some great updates on the Akumal Ambulance, and it sounds like it was a great investment for the community! Ambulance service began on December 10, 2014. During the first month, the ambulance crew attended more than 20 emergencies within the local area, with incidents including several semi-drownings, a car accident and a decompression problem. Just during that first month, at least 3 lives were saved thanks to the quick ambulance service made possible by the donations from the Akumal community. These numbers from the first month show us just how important it is to have an ambulance right here in town. In addition to Akumal, the new ambulance also supports wider area communities like Jade Bay, South Akumal, Aventuras Akumal and more.

Akumal paramedics Riviera Maya

To keep this great service going, the community needs to continue its fundraising efforts in order to pay running costs for the ambulance as well as salaries for the hard-working paramedics. Right now, Plaza Ukana is generously donating accommodations for the paramedics at nighttime so they can stay in a central location at all times.

The next big Akumal ambulance fundraising event will be the popular annual Akumal Comedy Festival from April 14 – 18, 2015, and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross. The money from the Akumal shows will go toward covering expenses for the Akumal Ambulance.

Akumal Comedy Festival

If you’re unable to make it to the Akumal Comedy Festival but would love to support the ambulance project with a donation, you can easily do so through Paypal or with a credit card by clicking here. These donations will be sent directly to the Tulum Red Cross Paypal account with a donation labeled “Akumal Ambulance”.

To donate money directly to the Tulum Red Cross, you can also make bank transfer. (Mexican businesses will even receive a deductible for tax purposes.) For bank information, please contact the Tulum Red Cross via phone or email:

Veronica Madrid Perez



Thanks to everyone who has made the Akumal Ambulance possible! We’re thrilled to have this service in our town, and with your help we can keep it going and save some lives.

The emergency number to call for the Akumal Ambulance is (984)802-5521… write it down now!