New Sea Turtle Refuge Coming to Akumal

Akumal has always been known as the best place to swim with sea turtles in the Riviera Maya. These beautiful creatures can be found swimming in Akumal Bay throughout the year, and female sea turtles make their way to the beach every summer to lay their eggs in the sand for nesting season. The sea turtles of Akumal have lived here for much longer than any of us, and it’s important for the local community to do everything possible to protect these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Akumal sea turtleSource: user Nosha

So of course, this week we were thrilled to receive the following announcement from our friend Paul Sanchez-Navarro Russell of the OMCA (Mexican Organization for Environmental Conservation) about a new Akumal sea turtle refuge!

“It is with incredible joy that we share the news that, after several meetings with the State Delegate of SEMARNAT, Raúl González Castillo and the Regional Director of the National Commission for Protected Areas (CONANP), Ricardo Gómez Lozano, the Secretary of the Environment, Juan José Guerra Abud, has signed a decree to create the Akumal Sea Turtle Refuge! I have been working with the Cooperativa Guias Ecológicos Nativos de Akumal and the Secretary of the Environment (SEMARNAT) to establish this very important protection measure for all of Akumal. The formal process has begun with this decree, and now it has to be published in the Diario Oficial Federal (Federal official daily) to become legal. After that, we begin a process to develop an official management plan, guided by SEMARNAT and the Federal Wildlife Agency (DGVS) and with the whole community participating.

In conjunction with the newly created No Fish Zone in Akumal we will finally be able to conserve and sustainable use Akumal’s wonderful natural heritage and ensure the economic development of the community.

Over the next few months we will be working with the whole Akumal community to prepare for the management plan process. Thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts. Please join us in protecting this amazing Place of the Turtles.

We will keep you posted.”

Riviera Maya sea turtleSource: user Allen McGregor

It’s so wonderful to live in such an active and caring community that always comes together to support local wildlife. Let’s respect the sea turtles and their home.

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