Please Support the 2014 Hekab Be Summer Program

Once again, Hekab Be Library has another awesome summer program lined up for the children of Akumal. The theme of this summer’s children’s program is “Express Yourself”. With activities such as yoga, story-telling, art & music history, creative writing, photography, literacy/reading clubs, music, dance and sports, children will explore various means of self-expression and increase their self-confidence. The 2014 Hekab Be Summer Program will run from Monday July 21 – Thursday August 14. hekab be summer program The monetary goal for this fundraising drive is $5000 USD which will be used to allow 60 children to attend the 2014 Summer Program and to help cover yearly operating costs. The Hekab Be Library operates on a shoestring budget of less than $20,000 USD per year. This pays for three staff members, monthly utility bills, and essential library supplies. Hekab Be does not receive financial assistance from any government entity to provide services to the children and families of the Akumal area.  To make a contribution please visit and click on the DONATE button. Please give today and help support the Hekab Be Summer Program and on-going library activities! hekab be summer program Hekab Be Library in Akumal promotes literacy and learning opportunities among children and adults in Quintana Roo, Mexico, in order to meet their educational goals. Serving as a tool for educational, social and economic progress, we provide individuals and families with resources for scholastic advancement, helping improve people’s language and literacy skills, while promoting cultural preservation and awakening the desire to understand other customs and ways of thinking.

The Hekab Be Library, started in 1995, acquaints young children with books, provides learning resources for school children and offers literacy and writing classes for adults. In addition, the library offers after-school activities and tutoring, reading and math programs, arts & crafts workshops and yoga classes for children. Adults can participate in classes in English, Spanish and Maya. The library also presents parenting and health seminars and hosts local AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings and secondhand clothing bazaars.