Red Cross Fundraiser at Lol Ha Akumal

Great food! Awesome live music! Important cause!

Please join us at Lol Ha Restaurant on Saturday August 16, 2014 at 6.30 pm for a delicious fundraiser dinner with live music from The Salty Snowbirds.  Dinner is $30 USD per person which includes a choice of salads, main course, desert, and a glass of wine. Proceeds from the event will go toward helping the Red Cross to provide Akumal with full-time ambulance service and ongoing emergency first response training for the community.

akumal red cross fundraiser

The plan is to have an ambulance stationed in Akumal 24 hours a day, manned by a team of 4 paramedics working 2 at a time 7 days on 7 days off.  At the moment ambulance response time is 30-40 mins at best, normally much more, so this should help to drastically reduce this response time and provide life saving medical care in our community for anybody who needs it.   The Red Cross will also work within our community to ensure that as many people as possible can be trained in first aid, and to help us to structure our medical resources (such as the locations of defibrillator machines) most effectively.

With Akumal growing at such an incredible rate with more visitors than ever before, our need for local and accessible medical support has never been greater.
Tickets are available from Lol Ha Restaurant, Natalie Novak Perez, and Marieke Brown. For more information email Marieke at
If you would like to support this project, but can not attend the dinner, one-off or regular monthly donations can be made directly to the Red Cross Tulum.