Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Riviera Maya Vacation Property

Spring has sprung in the Riviera Maya! The bougainvilleas are in full bloom, light sweaters are being replaced by breezy sundresses, the waters of the Caribbean are warming up…

Playacar vacation rental poolAnd if you’re a vacation property owner, you just might be thinking about starting your Spring Cleaning!

Even if you have an excellent property manager and housekeeping staff, there’s nothing wrong with going through your vacation condo or beach house once a year to keep up with basic Riviera Maya property maintenance. To keep your Riviera Maya vacation rental investment in the best shape for your guests, we at BuyPlaya Real Estate Advisors recommend the following steps for a good Spring Cleaning:

Inspect the main areas of the property for construction and safety

  • Check your bathrooms and kitchen for caulking deterioration or leaky faucets
  • Inspect all of your balcony railings to ensure they are still safe and sturdy
  • Inspect your hot tubs and/or private pools: clean the filters, check pool tiles, repaint peeling pools, check pool lights, make sure handrails are safe and sturdy, and ensure that you have pool safety items nearby
  • Check rooftops for cracks and leaks, and reapply waterproofing (“impermeabilizante” in Spanish) when necessary (every 3 – 5 years)
  • Check sidewalks and pavement for cracks, loose stones or potential hazards

Playa del Carmen rooftop jacuzzi Perform basic maintenance on your appliances

  • Replace the batteries in smoke detectors, remote controls, etc.
  • Hire a professional to carry out maintenance on all air conditioning units (clean thoroughly, check gas, check compressor)
  • Apply WD40 to all door hinges and moving metal parts all over the house, especially the tracks for hurricane shutters
  • Check that all lightbulbs, outlets and switches are still working properly
  • Check gas tank and connections
  • Check washer and dryer for rust and usability
  • Check window coverings, which can break especially easily (curtain sliders, rusty curtain rods, broken pull strings, etc.)

Akumal vacation rental propertyThoroughly clean and organize the entire property

  • Look through your kitchen cabinets so you can throw out any bad plates, utensils and cookware (and replace with new ones)
  • Thoroughly clean inside all cabinets and closets
  • Thoroughly clean all windows, screens and hurricane shutters
  • Dust in hard-to-reach areas
  • Purchase new sheets and towels (and wash before use)
  • Have sofas, chairs and mattresses professionally steam-cleaned: Our favorite steam cleaner can be reached at (998)233-3960 or via email at copeny@hotmail.com
  • Clean out storage areas

Playa del Carmen kitchenOnce you have gone through and organized your Riviera Maya vacation rental property, there are several ways you can donate or sell your unwanted items. We recommend:

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