Tickets on Sale NOW for the 2013 Hekab Be Fall Raffle

 The Hekab Be Library is pleased to announce the launch of their 2013 Annual Fall Raffle Fundraiser! The raffle will run from October 15 – October 31, 2013.
The fundraising goal is to sell 200 tickets at $20 usd each. Of course, more is even better and supporters are encouraged to buy now and buy often, to increase their chance to own one of the beautiful items donated for the raffle, and in turn help the children and families of the Akumal area.
Many fantastic prizes have been donated this year including a brand new piece of art from Gary Bemis called “Serenity”. Gary has also donated the following jewelry pieces which will be the auction “teaser” for today! Pictures of this year’s prizes will be posted on the Hekab Be blog over the course of the next few days, so please visit the site daily for updates!
Earrings and Pendant Necklace  with “Tortuga Rising”
Art by Gary Bemis
Key chain with “Tortuga Rising”
Art by Gary Bemis
Raffle tickets can be purchased online at our blog for $20.00 per ticket.  Ticket sales will be open from October 15 – October 31, 2013 (3 p.m. PST).  To purchase your “tickets”, use the Donate via Paypal option on the Hekab Be blog. Choose the amount of tickets you wish to purchase in multiples of 20 usd. On the second page, you will be able to include a note specifying that your purchase is for raffle tickets. Once you have purchased your ticket(s), you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket number.  Please keep track of your numbers.  
Winning tickets will be drawn and the results announced on the Hekab Be blog on October 31. 
hekab be fall raffle 2013