Turtle Bay Cafe to Host Akumal Ambulance Dinner

Numerous lives have been saved since the town of Akumal got its own Red Cross ambulance service last December. Three lives were saved in the first month alone! Now, Akumal needs your help so that it can keep its ambulance service running.

Akumal ambulance Red CrossThe Red Cross tells us, “The Red Cross are in urgent need of funding to be able to keep the ambulance stationed in Akumal. In Puerto Morelos, each of the 10 hotels and larger businesses donate $6000 MX a month towards the ambulance’s running costs, in addition to local fundraising. Here in Akumal, the Red Cross does not currently receive similar monthly donations. Despite a huge $310,000 MX being raised by the Akumal Comedy Festival and Friends & Family of Gus Lynch over the last 18 months, the Red Cross is in desperate need of funding once again to be able to keep the ambulance stationed here.”

Funds are especially needed to pay for the accommodations and salaries of the hard-working paramedics, as well as the running costs of the vehicle itself. Right now, Tulum municipality’s Red Cross delegation is in the red due to the Akumal ambulance, and unless the local community gets enough money together, the ambulance will have to return to Tulum on November 1. The total monthly cost to keep the ambulance running in Akumal is nearly $75,000 pesos.

The iconic Akumal restaurant Turtle Bay Café and Bakery has stepped up to save the day! This Saturday, October 24, 2015, Turtle Bay Café and Bakery will be hosting a fundraising dinner, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross ambulance in Akumal. This 3-course meal will include:

Starters: Choose from…
House Chicken Tortilla Soup
Roasted Pecan, Cranberries, Feta Salad

Entrees: Choose from…
Smoked Pork Loin with Sourdough Fig Stuffing
Grilled Chicken Breast
Bart’s Blackened Fish
Pasta Primavera

Dessert: Choose from…
Key Lime Pie
Lucy’s Homemade Ice Cream (1 scoop)
Traditional Caramel Flan

As well as two Cueva vodka cocktails. Salud!

Turtle Bay Cafe AkumalAdvance reservations cost $500 pesos, or $600 pesos cash at the door. (Does not include tip or any extra items.)

To keep up with the details on this wonderful fundraising dinner for the Akumal ambulance, click here to follow their Facebook event page.