What’s The Big Deal About Tulum?

The tiny beach destination of Tulum seems to be everywhere I look. Fashion magazines, Pinterest, news articles, Facebook, Twitter and of course from my own friends. Bloggers rave about disconnecting in a serene, natural atmosphere while taking chic photos of the eco hotels and cabanas they have chosen for their idyllic vacation in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. Fashionistas and yogis fly down to this hideaway in the Riviera Maya in search of a stylish kind of peace and quiet by the Caribbean Sea.

La Zebra TulumTulum Beach Bars

Once famous for its Mayan ruins set on a cliff overlooking the ocean, today Tulum still holds true to its reputation as a small and relaxing destination, but now it’s more characterized by its meditation and eco chic style than its history. I have to admit, even I’ve been swept away by the Tulum fantasy when I spent a long weekend there with my husband. Three days of impeccable white sand beaches, lunches at small but beautiful beach clubs, nighttime salsa dancing parties with a live band, and a sky filled with more stars than I have ever seen.

Tulum Ruins

Tulum Beaches

Just driving through the little Tulum hotel zone in the evenings gave me goose bumps: a tiny two-lane road lined with open-air restaurants, shops and eye-catching entrances to a mix of upscale eco hotels and barely-there cabanas. A fairytale playground for yoga, tanning, dining and disconnecting, where all the women show up for their beachside dinners in flip flops, sundresses and unstyled hair. A far cry from NYC, Los Angeles or even Miami, but I could tell right away that I fit right in with the small crowd.

Tulum Beach Bars


And here I am blogging about Tulum, just like the rest of the world. What is this strange power that Tulum has that makes everyone so excited to talk about it?