Xpu Ha End of Season Turtle Monitoring Report for 2013

The 2013 end of season report for the Xpu Ha Turtle Monitoring Program has been released by project leader, Guillermo Camareno. This is the first year that Xpu Ha has been officially monitored. This year, Guillermo met with the President of the Quintana Roo Turtle Association and another state run turtle association group and made plans to establish means of communicating and updating turtle conservation efforts on the local, state and federal level so that all organizations will know what is going on with turtle populations all over the country.
Guillermo reports that there is a very serious push from the highest levels in Mexico to protect the turtles by establishing strict laws and policies for operating turtle nurseries which will be enforced in Quintana Roo and hopefully along all of Mexico’s coasts.

Turtle Release Program Xpu Ha

Here are the final 2013 Marine Turtle numbers for Xpu Ha, Quintana Roo

Total nests: 277
Total eggs: 30,739
Turtles released: 27,338
Green turtles: 215
Loggerheads turtles: 62
Total eggs in nursery: 10,209
Nursery turtle hatch rate : 93%
Nursery turtle release: 90%